When choosing the right direct vent gas stove for your home their are only a few things to consider. The first thing that you need to take into account is the heat output of the stove. You don’t want a stove that is too small and is not going to warm you up. That defeats the purpose of getting the stove in the first place. On the other hand a stove that is too big is going to blast you right out off the room. The other consideration is the look and style of the stove. Try to stay inline with your home and decorating style that way the stove will fit right in.

 Direct Vent Stoves Come In Three Styles

Taditional Cast Iron Basic Steel Contemporary / Modern
Traditional Cast iron Direct Vent Gas Stove Steel Direct Vent Gas Stove Modern Direct Vent Gas Stove

How Do I Know The Right Size Gas Stove For Me?

Fireplace and stove manufacturers rate their appliances in btus. What is a Btu you ask. Well lets get technical for a minute a Btu (British Thermal Unit) is a measurement of the amount of heat it takes to raise one gallon of water by 1° Fahrenheit. By using the manufacturers guides we can estimate how many square feet of your house a Gas stove will heat. In fact most manufacturers will not only give you the Btu rating but they will also give you an estimated amount of square feet the stove will cover.

I do think they are a little generous with their numbers and I always subtract about 10% from the rating that they give. In addition to the heat output of the stove the location where the gas stove is going also plays an important factor. For example if you buy a stove that is rated to heat 1500 ft² and install it in a tiny room with 1 tiny door its going to be hard to get the heat to leave that room.
Direct Vent gas Stove Installation Options

Where Can I install A Direct Vent Gas Stove?

Direct vent gas fired appliances are very flexible when it comes to the location of the stove installation. They can be vented through a wall or roof and have very close clearances to the pipe and termination cap. If you are replacing an older wood stove they make special venting kits that would allow a direct vent gas stove to tie into you existing pipe. Maybe you have a fireplace already but don’t like the look of fireplace gas logs, well you can also install a direct vent stove into a fireplace and vent out of the chimney. You can have the stove sitting in front of the fireplace opening or depending on the size you can even recess it into the fireplace.

Common Direct Vent Gas Stove Accessories

When you purchase a gas stove there are usually some optional accessories that you can choose from. These accessories will fall into two categories some being purely decorative and the others more functional. We will list some of the more common accessories and explain their purpose.

  • Remote Controls – Remote controls may come with some direct vent gas stoves but to most brands they are an optional accessory. Remote controls are available varying levels of control. Basic on/off remotes will allow you to turn the stove on and off when you want. If you have a blower it would still be controlled with the rheostat switch. A thermostat remote means you can have the stove turn on and off based on the room temperature. A full function remote allows you to turn the stove on and off, has thermostat capability and usually controls other functions of the stove like flame height, blower speed, night light etc. Remote controls will Usually vary in price from $125.00 to upwards of $350.00.
  • Interior Brick Panels – These would be considered a decorative and some stoves come with them already installed. Besides brick panels you may have other choices like black porcelain enamel panels and fluted cast iron panels.
  • Decorative Trim Accents – Most stoves come in the standard black but sometimes you may have optional trim kits in polished metals like nickel or brass.
  • Alternate Finishes – Some stoves are available in different finishes. Most cast iron stoves have several different enamel color variations. Just be aware before set your sights on one of these colors they can increase the price sometimes by as much as 25%.

When looking for a direct vent gas stove there are so many styles to choose from it may seem overwhelming at first. As long as you do a little research into what type you are looking for you can see what the various brands have to offer. But don’t be afraid to look at designs that you may not be familiar with. if you do you might just miss out on something that you would truly love.

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