Have you ever thought of adding a gas fireplace insert to your home? Take a second and ask yourself these three questions.

  • Does your drafty fireplace do little but suck heat out of your house?
  • Do you love the feeling of sitting in front of a warm fire on a chilly night?
  • Do you never want to deal with having to split wood and clean up ashes again?

If you answered yes to any of these than you probably answered yes all of them. Find out how a gas fireplace insert can make your life easier.


Realxing In Front of A fireplaceThere is nothing more relaxing after a long hard day than to unwind in front of a nice warm fire. Picture this you come home from a long day and you really want to relax with a fire. Well don’t get comfortable just yet because with a regular masonry fireplace you have some work to do first.


Traditional masonry fireplaces take a lot of work to be able to use and enjoy them. First you have to cut, split and store wood or you can buy those convenient bundles from a store but they will cost you an arm and a leg. Then once you have the wood you have to bring it in your house, along with any bugs living in it and stack it (oh and clean the trail of wood chips you left from the door to the fireplace).


Now that you have the wood you have to build a fire so the first thing you do is open the damper Money Burning In fireplaceand start with a small kindling fire. If you listen close enough you might be able to hear the whoosh of the warm air inside your house getting sucked up the chimney. Most fireplaces have a 6” x 30” damper and because of the updraft the heat loss equivalent of that damper is like leaving a four foot window open. If you are paying to heat your home another way than every time you have a fire its like you are burning your hard earned money right up.



Once you have a kindling fire going you can now start to add wood to your fire. Make sure you don’t go to fast or else you will smother the fire out. After probably 20 minutes of slowly adding the wood and building the fire you are finally ready sit down and relax. But grab a blanket because it’s probably going to be chilly for the next half hour or so until the fire really starts to heat up.


Ok so after about an hour from when you started you’re finally sitting down with your glass of wine Smoldering Fireor a good book (or both). You’ve kicked off your shoes the fire is nice and warm and everything is coming together perfectly. What seems like a short while later you get a little chill and look up from your book and realize the fire has nearly burned itself out. Because there is no way to control the air feeding the fire that wood you spent all that time hauling in and loading up is going to burn as fast as it can. Meaning that you have to get up and reload the fireplace often, how often well if you ask me too often to be able to sit down and really relax!

Oh and by the way once you’re all done you can look forward to cleaning all the ash out of the fireplace.


If you have a fireplace this scenario probably sounds all too familiar but if you had a gas insert things would go a little differently. Now picture this you walk in from that same long day and you walk over to the fireplace and flick a switch and instantly the gas fireplace insert comes to life. That’s it you’re done. Hard to believe I know but it’ true.

Gas Fireplace Insert RemoteGrab the book grab the wine take a seat and within 15-20 minutes the blower is on and that gas insert is going to have you nice and toasty because unlike a regular fireplace a gas insert adds heat to your house without taking any out. When you’re done just flick that same switch and the fireplace shuts off. There is no ashy mess to clean up and no smoky smell to deal with. Oh and I forgot to mention if your gas fireplace insert has the remote control feature then you don’t even have to get up to turn it on.

Direct vent gas inserts are really good at providing you with the look of a fireplace and they can throw out a tone of heat. If you are looking for something more on the decorative side then check out our page about Fireplace Gas Logs. Or if you really love the look of a traditional wood stove then you still have the option to go with a direct vent gas stove. A gas stove can site in front of you fireplace on the hearth or you can get a smaller unit and recess it into the opening.

Here at The Chimney King of New England we know you’re going to love a gas fireplace insert. We know this because of how many we install and how many satisfied customers we see. In fact we install more gas inserts than any of the other products we offer.

When you begin shopping for a gas fireplace insert one of the first things any salesman is going to ask you is how big your fireplace is. So be sure to measure the width of your fireplace opening, the height, the depth front to back and the width across the back. There are a few other measurements that will factor in but these four are the most crucial. To make it a little easier print out our fireplace dimension sheet at the bottom of the page.

We have Gas Fireplace Inserts available from some of the best brands out there. Take a minute and check some of these:


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Print This Fireplace Dimension Sheet To Help Take Your Measurements

Fireplace Dimension Sheet