Gas ProductsWith so many gas products available the choices can be overwhelming. Here at the Chimney King of New England we are proud to offer you some of the best gas fireplaces, gas stoves, gas inserts and gas logs. We carry products from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. If you are unsure which type you need let us explain some of the differences for you.


Gas Fireplaces vs Gas Inserts

Gas Fireplaces VS Gas Inserts

The main difference between a gas fireplace (sometimes called direct vent gas fireplaces) and a gas insert is that a gas insert is designed to work with your current masonry fireplace. A gas fireplace can be built in and direct vented through a wall or ceiling. A gas insert is not designed to be in contact with any form of combustible material. A direct vent fireplace is designed to be installed near combustible materials. They are sometimes referred to as a “Zero Clearance Gas Fireplace” because the can actually be sitting on or up against wood framing.


Gas Inserts vs Gas Logs

Of all the gas products that we sell gas inserts are the most popular. Both a gas insert and a set of gas fireplace logs are designed to work with your existing masonry fireplace. Read about some of the differences between these two options below:

Gas Insert
Gas Insert
Gas Logs
Gas Logs
Cost Depending on the model and accessories usually somewhere between $1800 and $5000 Depending on size and type usually somewhere between $500 and $1500
Heat Output Gas Inserts are can be a significant heat source with some capable of heating over 2000 sqft Gas Logs are generally more for looks than heat although they will warm up the room the fireplace is in.
Efficiency Most of the gas inserts available today burn over 80% efficient with the average being around 85% It is hard to rate a gas logs efficiency because most of the heat is going to go up the flue but its probably somewhere in the 30% – 50% range
Visual Appeal The gas inserts available today have very realistic log sets and flame patterns just remember because they are direct vent there is a piece of glass between you and the fire. Some gas logs have high btu ratings which give them a nice strong flame


Direct Vent Gas Stoves

Direct Vent Gas Stove

Napoleon Gas Stove


With through the wall or through the roof venting configurations direct vent gas stoves can be installed almost anywhere. Gas stoves come in Btu ranges from less than 10,000 to over 40,000. What this means for you is you can probably find a stove that will beautifully heat the space you have. You should expect to pay somewhere in the $1500 – $4000 range. A stove can be a cheaper alternative to a gas fireplace because other than the installation of the venting and gas line there are no other necessary construction costs.


If you are still unsure as to what type of gas products would best fit your needs give us a call for a FREE in home consultation.